Our Bathroom Process

First concept. Then Design.

Inspect & Design - What do you want?

Quotation - how much will this cost?
Detailed quotation sent out with all proposed works, fixtures and fittings and time frames. If you are to proceed we will provide a contract for the proposed works

Design Phase & Product Selection - What will it look like?
We will discuss & lock in your desired vs most practical layout for the space whilst also going through tile selections, fixtures & fittings, paint colours, joinery finishes, lighting and go through the pros & cons of each one, enabling you to make the right decision

Demolition - What are the impacts on your day to day life?
Now the fun begins… plans have now been finalised and demolition works can commence. At this point we will need to ensure all services to the space have been isolated and the space will be stripped out entirely. We understand renovations can be stressful, particularly when your living at home during works, to combat this, we start off with a site meeting with RH builders to discuss the construction process and how this will impact your household. Things such as access, deliveries, mess etc will all be outlined and explained

Carpentry works
Carpenters will complete all works to amend frame. Things such as cavity sliders, noggins & shower niches will be installed.

Rough-in services - plumbers, electricians
Our licensed plumbers & electricians will install all services required for the new layout of your space

All areas that require plastering will now be hung or patched

Waterproofing membrane will be installed in line with Australian standards to all required areas. This will carry a 10 year guarantee

Finally, it's starting to look like a bathroom. Tilers are in to it installing floor and wall tiles you've selected

Generally, it's only the ceiling painted in bathroom renovations these days, painters will setup drop sheets and commence painting works

All cabinetry from vanities to shaving cabinets will now be installed along with selected benchtops

Fit Off
Service trades & carpenters will be back to fit off all the items they have roughed in. mixers, taps, lights, appliances etc will all be installed.

Shower Screens & Mirrors
Glaziers now arrive to install selected shower screens and mirrors

Now everything is installed caulking will proceed to finish things off

Professional cleaning team will scrape, polish and clean your new bathroom spotless ready for your use