Bathroom Renovations in Kew

Are you looking for affordable & beautiful bathroom renovations in Kew?

At Renovation Hub, we provide bathroom renovations that complement your Kew property. We can provide you with incredible design options and ideas for your bathroom. Moreover, we also make sure to check the layout and space that are available there before recommending a plan. We understand that these spaces are an essential part of your home and should balance your lifestyle and your home aesthetic.

With 20 years of experience, we have provided clients with the best plans and finish for their home renovation in Melbourne. We ensure that our approach, material and services are customised to your needs for your bathroom renovations in Kew. You can trust our professionals for a bathroom renovation that is efficient and cost-effective.

Our Bathroom Renovation Services in Kew

- Tile Change

- Shower head change

- Installing creative lightning

- Installation of Modern Fixtures

- Shower Screens

- And much more.

Whether you are looking for minor changes r complete knockdown renovation, we at Renovation Hub can provide you with complete bathroom renovation services. Our bathroom renovation professionals can help you achieve your goal in your budget.



We at Renovation Hub provide your bathroom renovations with no hidden cost. As bathroom renovations are influenced by various factors, such as your bathroom size, the type of renovation required, etc., the renovation cost differs from one to another.

To get an estimate for your bathroom renovation, call us today. Our experienced bathroom renovation experts will visit your site, evaluate and provide you with a customised estimate according to your need.


- Quality Work

At Renovation Hub, we take the utmost pride in providing clients with a quality finish that gives you value for money. We use the best materials and techniques to ensure you get the best quality bathroom renovations.

- Affordable Pricing

Bathroom renovations cost in Kew can be expensive, but not with Renovation Hub. We offer you solutions that are within your budget. After seeing the site, our designers will learn about your requirements. Based on that, they will recommend a design that, whether it be large or small, will look very appealing and fit within your budget.

- Unique Designs

Each home has its own individuality and aesthetic. Our professionals at Renovation Hub provide you with unique designs for your bathroom that are customised to your preference, needs and budget.

- Beautiful Finish

At Renovation Hub, we complete our work with beautiful finesse and on time. Our professionals are experienced in offering you bathroom renovations that exceed your expectations.

Contact us and get a complete bathroom renovation quote today.


How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?

Depending on how comprehensive the project is, bathroom remodelling might take anywhere from two weeks to six weeks.

How do I decide whether my bathroom needs a full or partial remodel?

This is totally subjective. The amount of remodelling you desire and need will mostly rely on the area and your lifestyle. Sometimes you need to make adjustments to something to make it more effective and practical, while other times, you might only need to make changes for aesthetic reasons.

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